Lemon and honey. It’s a classic flavour combination that’s bright and sharp, yet also soothing. Add in a good measure of gin and our ‘Beekeeper’ cocktail is positively medicinal! Stay healthy, just ask your mother… or have a go making this gorgeous cocktail yourself this weekend.

Our homemade gin, Mother’s Ruin, is full of citrus, green cardamom and coriander seed flavours, balanced with earthy undertones from the botanicals foraged in the woods at The Beacon. The lemon tang is a perfect partner for honey, from The Beacon’s own hives. This is the bees first summer at the Garden Kitchen and we’re loving learning about beehive husbandry and about the culinary ways to use the honey. A flower honey, such as lavender or thyme would be a good substitute at home.

The Beekeeper

50 ml Mother’s Ruin or your favourite gin
1 tablespoon of Beacon honey or a Kent Lavender honey
Juice of 1 lemon
5ml elderflower cordial
½ tablespoon of dried lavender

Shake, shake, shake. Double strain over ice and garnish with a slice of lemon decorated with lavender and a sprinkle of bee pollen.

The Beacon opening hours

From Monday 27 August, The Beacon will be open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday and closed on Monday and Tuesday. We’ve come to this decision because we want to look after our team properly and know that work / life balance is important. We recognise that for the wellbeing of everyone in the I’ll be Mother family, full days off are precious and needed. We also recognise that to give our guests the best possible experience at The Beacon our team need to be happy and well-rested. We hope our guests agree and understand this decision. Thank you.

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