The 39 Steps


Get Out Of My Space are returning after their sell-out production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Kingdom to open The Beacon’s brand new amphitheatre with the classic ‘THE 39 STEPS’.

Richard Hannay is a man bored by life. Until, of course, he finds himself caught up in an enormous secret spy operation to save the country from a mysterious and diabolical force known only as ’THE 39 STEPS’. He’s Britain’s last hope. The only problem? He has absolutely no idea who 'The 39 Steps' are, what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, or how he’s going to stop them.

THE 39 STEPS is a fast-paced, free-wheeling comedy, adapted from the Alfred Hitchcock classic film wherein 4 actors play an unbelievable, inadvisable amount of roles as we follow a fugitive’s riotous adventure from London to the Scottish Highlands and back again. If you’ve ever wanted to see actors instantly switch between kindly Scottish landladies and shady hired goons, or see dramatic chases on trains, planes and moors, or see 2 men play everyone at a busy train station all at once, then this is the play for you!

With less than 2 weeks until opening night, and tickets selling fast, book now to avoid disappointment.

Tickets from £12
Pre-theatre dining from £16


The Beacon bees have had a very busy Spring, and now the Summer is here we have some exciting news. The stores are full, the hive is thriving and the honey is flowing. They are now producing the most delicious honey, and it is making its way up to the restaurant over the next few weeks.

We are going to be collaborating with our bees to make some incredible dishes and drinks from the honey that has travelled less than fifty meters to be enjoyed by our guests. So come down and sit on the terrace to enjoy their honey.


Afternoon tea is a most quintessential of English customs, perhaps surprisingly, a relatively new tradition. At The Twenty Six, we have also started a new tradition and that is baking delicious cakes for you.

So throughout July, we are offering guests who come in between 12pm-4pm a free slice of cake with your coffee/tea.